Scientific Calculator

Big Display
The Classpad 300 features a large 160 by 2400-dot LCD that enables easy and definite entering of data and selection of menu commands with the stylus.

Pen Touch Operation
Various commands can be from the pull-down menu using the stylus. Also, you can use the Drag & Drop or copy & Paste functions for efficient operations.

Soft Keyboard
The soft Keybaord is very efficient for entering various commands or entering complex expressions in natural dispaly format, and it makes the input operations remarkably simple. With this function, it is unecessary to follow the complicated input method unique to conventional scientific calculators. The ClassPad 300 provides Soft Keyboards of four different display types.

Math keybaord
Alpabet keyboard
Catalog keyboard
2D keybaord
Natural Input
The Natural Input/Output Function enables you to input and display expressions or display the results of the calculations in the same format shown in the textbook.

Geometric Graphing Functions

Geometic Graphing
As shown in the following examples, the students can learn the general theorem by drawing the figures, and they can confirm that the theorem still holds true even when they deform the triangle.
The Animation function enables you to move the drawn geometric figures. With this function, the students can learn visually, for example, how the figure changes when the angles and the values of the coordinates are changed.

Geometric Graphing by using the Drag & Drop Function
By dragging and dropping a geometric figure to the main application window, you can obtain the numerical data for the figure. And by dragging and dropping the numerical data to the Geometry window, the data can be reflected in the figure.

Geometry Link Function
The Geometry Link Function enables you to dynamically link the eActivity data and the Geometry window data.